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Message From the Developer [09/2018]

Having quick access to clear, concise drug information was my motivation when creating Pocket Pharmacist nearly 10 years ago. I could not be happier to see that Pocket Pharmacist™ has become an invaluable resource for thousands of users every day.

I am committed to fully supporting Pocket Pharmacist as evidenced by recently released features (e.g. Quiz and Chat), additional clinical content, and bug fixes. To support ongoing maintenance and future enhancements, I will be implementing a nominal subscription fee (e.g. ~$0.99/month) this fall.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions and/or feature requests.

Thank you,

Michael Guren
Doctor of Pharmacy (Developer of Pocket Pharmacist)

Logo Pocket Pharmacist™ PocketPharmacist - Drug Information and Medication Organizer - Danike, Inc.

Drug Information For The Rest of Us

Using PocketPharmacist actually feels like you are talking with a live Pharmacist...versus reading through an encyclopedia.

Whether you are a busy healthcare professional dealing with alert fatigue, or your own healthcare advocate, PocketPharmacist should be your #1 drug information resource.

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Organize Your Life

Complex medication regimens have met their match.

Organize your family's medication with ease. Complete with medication reminders, automatic interaction alerts, and profile printouts.

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Latest iOS App Store Reviews:
1,400+ reviews averaging over 4.5 stars

Best medication app around! Won't be disappointed. ★★★★★
February 24, 2017
"I am a critical care RN. This app is one of the top ones I ever seen. It gives me prescribing info as well as regular info for non-medical people. The info is constantly updated. Easy to see & explain. This is one of the longest apps I've ever used. Would be sad if they got rid of it & I know many docs & nurses who also love this app when I show them. Best app out there. Never have had issues w/ it. Always improving and adding new info. Would pay a lot of money for this app. I'd be lost without it."

Don't Leave Home Without It ★★★★★
February 23, 2017
"As a healthcare professional I can't tell you how important a list of meds you take is with you. Too many patients haven't a clue what meds they take and for what conditions. Use this app or get a family member to fill out the info and you are set to go. Indispensable."

Finally ★★★★★
February 08, 2017
"Going through nursing school right now and having to carry around a 3" thick book for all of the meds I need to look up was getting pretty old. I've been looking for a good one for my phone that had all of the answers that I need and FINALLY found it! I've been searching for ones that a lot of the other ones that I've tried haven't had. My test one was disulfiram, (also known as Antabuse) and most didn't have it or I had to get a subscription or outright buy for it to be available. This one has it and more! Still looking for one that it doesn't have but I have a feeling I'm not going to find one. Very well done developers, you definitely have my support and referrals!"

Love this app ★★★★★
December 21, 2016
"I love the update! I'm a tech at a pharmacy and this application is really helpful literally everyday. Keep it up and thanks for being so supportive of user feedback!! I love the otc and rx labels now too."

Helpful app for all techs and RPHs! ★★★★★
December 18, 2016
"My absolute favorite part about this app is being able to see what other drugs are in the same category as the drug being looked up. With the new update, this is working again, and I greatly appreciate that! Interactions tool is neat to use. In addition, the explanations for the illness or disorders are concise and to the point. Great app !"

Newest update is great ★★★★★
December, 2013
"I am so please and impress with this app. I can find all information from here and much more things that I can not say enough. All nurses must have this app. It is so wonderful!"

The best app for drugs ★★★★★
December, 2013
"I am so please and impress with this app. I can find all information from here and much more things that I can not say enough. All nurses must have this app. It is so wonderful!"

Great app ★★★★★
October, 2013
"Love this app- I am a pharmacist and use this on a regular basis."

Awesome! ★★★★★
September, 2013
"This app is perfect for healthcare professionals as well as lay people. The language is non-technical enough to be easily understood but advanced information is available if desired. I use it multiple times daily in my practice and regularly recommend it to friends and family as well as other pharmacists. Worth the price of admission!"

Indispensable ★★★★★
August, 2013
"Indispensable for anyone who takes multiple medications. Info is in clear English, and no wifi needed. The best, and gets better all the time."

Great app - must have! ★★★★★
August, 2013
"It is one of those apps that should come loaded on every smartphone."

Reviewed by a doctor ★★★★★
July, 2013
"Great app with the best user-friendly interface I've come across. It contains most of the meds we encounter in the clinic, if not you can search multiple website within the app to find the drug but from experience if its not in the app it's not in the web that's how we'll-maintained the database is. Definitely recommended for physicians."

Great Help ★★★★★
July, 2013
"This app has great information for understanding drugs and associated properties. It extremely useful for studying for Pharmacy Technician tests. I also use it for the med checks which list warnings and interaction precautions for friends and family taking prescription drugs."

Can't live without it ★★★★★
July, 2013
"I use it everyday. I don't prescribe medication but I need to know what medication the patient is taking and for what they take it before sending them to a psychiatric facility. I never checked a medication and did not find it in this app."

Love it! ★★★★★
July, 2013
"I think this app is brilliant, very up to date information and comes in handy for someone like me so often being a chronically ill patient !"

Great app ★★★★★
July, 2013
"This application is great when it comes down to organization of meds, the side affects and their interactions. I have recommended this app to many friends."

Great rx app ★★★★★
June, 2013
"This app makes it so easy to keep track of your prescriptions and allergies. You can also check for interaction between a new one and what you already take? I take over 12 prescriptions and I have 13 RX allergies so this app really could be a lifesaver for me. You can also enter your own doctors and their info and the pharmacies you use. Well worth the couple of dollars to get it. The emergency room really appreciates when I show this to them. They all want to get it for their families!"

Great app! ★★★★★
June, 2013
"I take a myriad of meds daily, about 16. I love how this keeps track of interactions, and tells of the side effects. I've caught interactions on here that my own doctors didnt. Thank you."

RN using! ★★★★★
May, 2013
"Love this app! I use it to keep track of my elderly family members that I help care for. Super easy to make changes and use!!! LOVE IT!!!!"

RPh ★★★★★
May, 2013
"I tried a lot of drug reference applications and this is the best in my opinion. Very comprehensive and easy to use."

Over The Top Helpful Program ★★★★★
May, 2013
"This superior program got me to focus on my meds, which lead to conversations with my docs and some valuable med changes. Warnings of seriously conflicting meds and side effects helped me. Time shifting the taking of certain meds became obvious using this program. For example, a med that the program told me had the side effect of making it difficult to get to sleep---I now take it at dinner, NOT bedtime. How wonderfully helpful. This program is a great gift to us all!"

YOU must fill in the gaps when it comes to your healthcare ★★★★★
April, 2013
"YOU must fill in the gaps when it comes to your healthcare and this is one tool to help you. Without going into too many details let me share my experience. I was having serious problems that I believed were caused by side effects from one of my 7 meds. My Dr. had no clue as to which med. or meds could be causing my problems. I was actually frightened by my doctors lack of knowledge on ANY of my meds including the ones he prescribed! Using this app. and verifying the info using other sources, I determined that the problem was caused by an accumulative effect of all the meds. In my case with my doctors' guidance I was able to change or alter doses of my meds. These days with the number of patients that doctors see, there may not be time for them to research your problem and their knowledge may be lacking from the start. Sometimes you have to do the detective work to find your problem."

Wonderful ★★★★★
April, 2013
"This App is great. It give more information than the doctor ever will."

April, 2013
"I use this app DAILY at work. It is so convenient & provides adequate & accurate info! :)"

Great pharmacy app ★★★★★
April, 2013
"Quick and easy. I use it every day at my job as a LTC pharmacist."

Pocket Rx ★★★★★
April, 2013
"This is an excellent app. I am taking many medications and this is a great tool to show doctors/facilities what I'm taking and also allows me to see which have problems with interacting and what cautions come with any particular medicine. It seems that many who create or maintain invariably feel a necessity to tinker with the app. Please keep this one as is."

Best app on my phone!!!!! ★★★★★
March, 2013
"Best app on my phone! Well worth the small price!!! Now instead of carrying 2 notebooks to Dr & specialist appointments to refer back to dates and times of what meds were changed when and for what reason...I now have it in a matter of seconds AND...can check when they change meds for interactions. It even stores all the pharmacy info including script #'s! For any parent with a child with Epilepsy, who is on multiple seizure meds...and they keep changing them...this is the app for you!!!"

Featured on Wisconsin Public Radio - 4/1/2013 (unsolicited)

Host Larry Meiller, and tech guru Peter Greene, discuss PocketPharmacist's role in helping patients to be their own healthcare advocate. PocketPharmacist is discussed for the first ten minutes of the show and then again at the 52 minute mark. Great job guys!

Editorial Reviews and Integration Partners:

PocketPharmacist Now Helps Patients, Pharmacists, and Physicians Lower Prescription Drug Costs
PRWeb, 06/06/2013
"Danike announced today that PocketPharmacist for iOS, an award winning medical app, has integrated with myDrugCosts to help make cost-informed decisions about prescription drugs."

PocketPharmacist for iOS now lets you refill Walgreen prescriptions
TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog), 02/04/2013
"..The PocketPharmacist app (US$1.99) has been long appreciated for drug information and drug interaction data, and now has the ability to refill a Walgreens prescription right from the app..."

Introducing PocketPharmacist: A Prescription API Launch Partner
Walgreens Developer Blog, 02/04/2013
"Walgreens is proud to introduce PocketPharmacist (for iPhone & iPad) as one of our two launch partners for the brand new Pharmacy Prescription Refill API..."

PocketPharmacist Meets Most Medicinal Needs
iOSAffairs.com, 12/2012
"...I have so fallen in love with the universal app PocketPharmacist (PocketRx) that I deleted the old app [that I used]...PocketPharmacist is 10 times better..."

#1 Pharmacy app (#3 Best of the Best Medical apps)
iPhone Life Magazine, 2011 Buyers Guide
"Perfect not just for medical professionals..."